Virtual Conference 2024

February 5 - February 9, 2024

12pm-1:30pm EST

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New Year Outlook: 2024

Frontline Perspective From Senior Level Marketers, Mid-to-Small Size Agencies, and the RSW/US Team.

Great Content, Great Insights, Great Perspective to Help Small-to-Mid Size Firms Win In 2024!

We are proud to be hosting our 4th annual Virtual Agency New Business Conference.  The event gets bigger and better each and every year!

This year we are excited to welcome Julia Doria, the CMO of Bellevue University and former CMO of Bailey Lauerman as our Keynote Speaker. Julia’s senior level experiences on both the marketer and the agency side of the world should be insightful and inspirational for all the small-to-mid-size firms attending the conference.

We are also excited to be hosting three great panels. One is a senior level marketing panel that will be dedicated to helping marketing agencies better their relationship with current clients and improve their chances of breaking through to marketing prospects.

The second panel is an agency panel featuring three senior level agency execs: One who took the helm from his father and proceeded to grow the agency significantly through organic means and via acquisition; A second who started her own agency in the middle of the pandemic after spending 20 years in a leadership role at an independent mid-size agency; And a third who founded a digital shop and only recently sold it after a great track record of successful growth.

And our last panel is a new one…a combo panel of marketers AND agencies, talking about the future of the agency-client world from lots of levels (e.g., AI, in-house marketing, hiring, the economy).  Should be an exciting one! A full hour and a half of energetic and exciting dialogue!

And we’re excited to have two great speakers talking about building brands using two very different business models – both coming from two very different perspectives.  

Eric Anderson, CEO of AEG Vision will talk about how his career as a c-level leader in firms like Luxottica and LensCrafters helped shape his perspective in building the AEG Vision business.  Not the brand, but the business.  Eric uses what he calls “Upside Down Marketing” to manage hundreds of independent optometry offices, all with different brand names.

And Alyssa Lahham, the Global Marketing Officer at Slalom Consulting is doing it in a more traditional way, building the Slalom brand, one market at a time. While each market is tasked with staying within the brand guideline gates, each market is given free reign to hire who they please and market however they please. Quite the task for Alyssa to manage as she tries to maintain the consistency and equity of the Slalom brand!

And not to be outdone, on Thursday of the conference we will have a great panel of RSW New Business Directors (Natalia Formen, Chad Dils, and Dixie Bonenfant) discussing how they apply their creative talents to find new and interesting ways of breaking through to prospects.

February 5th

12pm – 1:30 pm (EST)

Day 01

Keynote: Julia Doria, CMO at Bellevue University (former EVP/CMO Bailey Lauerman): Seeing CMO double! How my CMO agency life has informed my CMO client life. How to be a better agency and be a better client!

Mark Sneider, Founder & President at RSW/US & RSW/AgencySearch: The Pesky Pitch Process! How to maximize your effectiveness and win more new business!

February 6th

12pm – 1:30 pm (EST)

Day 02

Alyssa Lahham, Global Marketing Director at Slalom Consulting: Building a global brand, one market at a time.

Marketer Panel: Marketers speak out!  What wins their hearts and hardens their souls relative to agencies.

February 7th

12pm – 1:30 pm (EST)

Day 03

Eric Anderson, CEO at AEG Vision: Marketing upside down!  Using global marketing thinking to build hundreds of local brands.

Agency Principal Panel: The joys and sorrows of starting your own agency.  Perspective from a new, an established, and a newly sold firm.

February 8th

12pm – 1:30 pm (EST)

Day 04

Lee McKnight Jr., VP Marketing & Sales at RSW/US: A blueprint for developing more new business in 2024!  Insights from RSW/US surveys, his experience here working to help RSW/US programs, and the daily conversations Lee has with marketing agencies.

RSW/US New Business Director Panel: Get creative and try something new!  Technologies, messaging, targeting, and other processes used by our own RSW/US New Business Directors.

February 9th

12pm – 1:30 pm (EST)

Day 05

Marketer AND Agency Panel:  Predictions abound!  What marketers and agencies think the future holds.  Topics such as AI, in-house agencies, hiring, marketing investment, and general economics will be bantered back and forth!