RSW/US Agency New Business Virtual Conference

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February 07
Preparing for the Big Trip
February 08
The Slowdown
February 09
Are We There Yet?
February 10
We've Arrived. Now What?
February 11
The Expert Travel Agents Speak!


Brandon Buttrey

Perspective from the Agency Search Consultant side of our world

Working in an agency can be tough business. You can get so wrapped up in your client work that you lose site of what other marketers think and how they...
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Mark Sneider

Travel Tip #1: Keep Your Compass Handy!

Defining your point of difference is important business!
Pam Piligian

Building Awareness for your Agency

Steve Taggart is a Digital Marketing Manager and has extensive experience in helping agencies build awareness in the market. He will be laying out and discussing four areas that are...
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Amanda Mudd
Steve Taggart

Travel Tip #2: Top Off That Fuel Tank

Staying with prospects is the best path to winning new business!
Dave Cyphers

Defining the Optimal Target

Finding the optimal target is extremely important. During this presentation, Ellen Jung, the Director of List Operations, is partnering with Liz Lindley, New Business Director, to give an understanding of...
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Ellen Jung
Liz Lindley


Brandon Buttrey

E-mail Deliverability – How to Optimize

Email is an essential new business tool but getting into the inbox isn’t always as easy as pressing “Send”. Miguel Trejo is the VP Marketing Communications & Operations and is...
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Miguel Trejo
Liz Lindley

Travel Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Snacks

Marketers are hungry for new and thoughtful content, things that will help them be smarter marketers. 
Saverio Spontella

Building a Coherent Plan for Outreach

Having a coherent plan for outreach is so important. Chad Dils, New Business Director, and Bailey Kocent, Digital Marketing Manager, will do a fire-side chat about creating a solid plan....
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Chad Dils
Bailey Kocent

Travel Tip #4: Turbo Charge Your Engine

Some of the things you should do, post a meeting to make sure you stay in front of prospects and move them down the line. 
Dana Pulis

Hitting the Wall & How to Break Through

Carrie Shoemaker, New Business Director, will lead the discussion around hitting a wall with prospecting. You’ll hear real life examples from four New Business Directors on how they broke through...
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M.J. McClure
Tammy Holmes
Regina Lithen
Marci Grzelecki
Carrie Shoemaker


Brandon Buttrey

The New Reality – How to Maximize The First Meeting

After you’ve done the work to find a prospect – – you have to ensure you maximize the initial Meeting. Scott Echols, New Business Director, will take you through his...
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Scott Echols

Travel Tip #5: Keep Your Hands on 10 and 2…and Make Sure You Check Those Mirrors

The way an agency looks today is a reflection of how they potentially will operate tomorrow.
Ken Rohman

The Critical Importance of Nurturing

Rhonda Ford, New Business Director, and Shannon Powell, Digital Marketing Manager, help guide agencies through nurturing prospects. It happens sometimes – prospects to go dark/quiet with agencies… even if they...
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Shannon Powell
Rhonda Ford

Travel Tip #6: Keep An Eye on Your Blind Spot

The importance of getting someone on the outside to take a broader and longer view look at your business.
Sara Thomas

Family Fun on the Road to New Business

Lee McKnight Jr. is the VP of Sales & Marketing at RSW/US and he uses this presentation to help agencies understand the importance of involving everyone at the agency in...
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Lee McKnight


Brandon Buttrey

Closing the Deal

Brandon is a tenured New Business Director and will be discussing the topic of closing business. After the hard work of finding and nurturing leads – – it’s crucial that...
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Brandon Buttrey

Travel Tip #7: You Don’t Always Have to be in the Driver’s Seat

So many agencies spend way too much time talking about themselves when they first meet them and don’t do enough to learn about the marketer. 
Alyssa Lahham

Setting Yourself up for Success

Carrie Shoemaker, New Business Director, and Mark Sneider, President and Founder of RSW/US, walk through what agencies need to be doing to remain meaningful and relevant in this complex and...
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Carrie Shoemaker
Mark Sneider

Travel Tip #8: You Need to Ask for Directions

To make certain you’re pursuing a piece of business that’s right for your agency, you need to ask the hard questions of marketers. You might not like what you hear,...
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Dan Eisenberg

Diversification x 2: Organic and Expansion

Mark Sneider, Owner of RSW, teams with Emma Thompson, Account Executive in the RSW/US List Department, to walk through strategies that you can follow to build business organically among your...
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Emma Thompson
Mark Sneider


Brandon Buttrey

Marketer Panel

Senior level marketers look ahead to a post pandemic world and talk about how things have changed, what will stick and what will go away.  The perspective will certainly help...
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Kara Christ
John Meyer
Michelle Licudine
Frank Lococo

Agency New Business Panel

Senior level Agency New Business executives also take a look ahead to a post pandemic world and talk about what changes their agency has had to make to adjust during...
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Britt Schwartz
Darren Magarro
Mallory Diamond